January 2016 Affairs with EMCI

Hello for the first time this year; glad you could be a part of this newsletter. The month of January was a chilly one (both in Nigeria and across the Atlantic), but the wheels of EMCI could not be allowed to freeze. Here is an update of goings-on while we turned the leaf of a new year.

Resumption of the Learning Centers

After spending time away from informal schooling during the Christmas & New Year period, the children at the EMCI leaning centers in Borno and Adamawa states resumed. They had been away for close to three weeks prior to resumption, which saw an increase in the number of registered schoolchildren. Presently, 50 of the the final year students are prepping to sit for their WAEC exams in May/June.

We will continue to strive to provide the resources to keep the center open and cater to the needs of the near three thousand children there, as well as the brave teachers, parents, non-academic staff, and various other stakeholders in the environs.

Return & School Resumption of the Relocated Children in Nigeria

Following the turn of the year, the relocated schoolchildren began to return to their various “bases” in central Nigeria. They came in different bunches; some in two’s, and other’s in groups of four and five.

Although their schools resumed within the first week of school,  some couldn’t make it back in time due to financial challenges at home. A set of orphaned twin girls had to wait for their mother to sell farm produce on the weekly market-day to raise enough money for her to put them on a bus back to the city.

The last Saturday of the month is reserved as a visiting day among some of the boarding schools they attend. Our staff got to catch up with with a few of them last Saturday (Jan 29th), providing them with durable snacks for the semester, and money to get more school equipment. The overall attitude of the children is one of gratitude and a desire to stay in school.

The Nigeria schoolchildren, prior to the commencement of the second semester of classes.
EMCI Nigeria relocated schoolchildren loading up to go to school for the second semester following Christmas holiday.
EMCI volunteer with three of the Nigeria relocated schoolchildren, prior to departing for school.

Visit from Elizabethtown Church of the Brethren

In Mid-January, fourteen volunteers from the Church of the Brethren community in Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania came on a missions trip to Nigeria. We were blessed to host them for a dinner, during which we presented a comprehensive package surrounding the insurgency in northeastern Nigeria and our efforts at securing the futures of the affected children.

Continue to pray that our message will touch the hearts of those who it reaches and the plight of the children will be alleviated through collaborations with communities such as these. Thank you.

Thank you to Elizabethtown COB

Founders Trip to the UK

Early this year, our founders traveled to the UK for the new year. While there, they shared EMC with community who had shown interest to support the displaced schoolchildren and learning centers.

Trip to the US, a College Update, and EMCI Annual Awards 🙂

Our managing partner and global resource person traveled to the United States and visited with the relocated schoolgirls. There, she also met with our Human Rights Advocate, who doubles as our International Director. Awards were announced amongst our domestic and international staff.

Our Education Adviser was nominated MVP in the United States for her invaluable work garnering more than $150,000 worth of genuine full scholarships for our high school girls in addition to numerous other enrichment programs.

EMCI’s Global Partnership and International Cooperation Director was nominated MVP in Nigeria for her tireless efforts in supporting IDPs, victims as well as candidates for our program both in the US and Nigeria.


Update on the Relocated Chibok Girls

The Chibok schoolgirls in the US continue to make strives in their education. Sadly, one of our Chibok Girls in the US lost a relative in the recent bomb blast in Chibok.

Receiving foodstuffs from a benevolent donor in the US.
One of the current high school girls who was among the first set of escaped schoolgirls to be relocated is pictured here receiving a laptop gift.
Three relocated girls in the US, off to college…
Our International Director pictured here with the three college bound ladies

Thank you for taking the time to share with us. See you next month!


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