EMCI Third Quarter 2018 Newsletter

JULY 2018

Placement/Relocation Program –

The first week of July saw two schools where we have placed children close for the summer holidays; Favored Sister’s Christian School and St. Luke’s High School. Two girls, Wadiam & Sarah graduated from JSS3 to SS1 at St. Luke’s. That week, St. Piran’s High School also closed for summer holidays and Wadiam and Magdalene came home for their own breaks. In addition, Hauwa John and Mary Katambi, our two Chibok Girls schooling in a University at Adamawa State came for their summer holiday. They had closed for the semester earlier in the summer, but went back home to Chibok to assist their families on the farm. All in all, we had a full house for a good part of the month.

Hauwa and Mary welcomed by Mom

Last month, in June, there was an attack on several towns at the outskirt of our central Nigerian city, resulting in the formation of a number of makeshift IDP camps within the metropolis. We took time out with several of our own relocated schoolchildren to take supplies and some nutrients to these recent victims (see photos below). Towards the end of the month, we arranged to have most of the placement children either go home to the Northeast or travel to their closest relative in central Nigeria area, for the remainder of their holiday.

One of the projects we have been working on between the two platforms is to get uniforms for EMCI Yola. This month, a set of uniforms were delivered by the tailoring company. Here are images of our placement children sorting them out before they got sent out to delivery.

EMCI School: Yola

There were some great changes in the month of July 2018, at the school in Yola. SSIII, JSSIII, and Primary 6 wrote their WAEC, NECO and Common Entrance examinations for the 2017/2018 academic session, respectively. Also our SSII students’ mock examinations will end by 1st August 2018. School terminal examinations were carried out seemlessly, with no hitches during the period, while third term vacation is scheduled to commence on July 31st. Furthermore, the graduation ceremony will take place on the same 31, July 2018. Resumption date is scheduled for the 17th of September 2018

Some needs of the school come first term Calendar year 2018/2019 session with 415 numbers of pupils and 195 numbers of students include: Fencing, staff identity card, school uniform, workshop, power supply, sport facilities.

EMCI School: Lassa

Summer 2018 recorded the following activities in Lassa during the month of July. A team of people from VSF visited the school. While here, they inspected the damage done to the classroom tents by the heavy winds from earlier in the year. End of third term exams were conducted from 20th to 27th July and the school vacated for the long holiday on July 31st, 2018. There was a football match played between Lass B. Primary School and EMCI Lassa. Also in the spirit of competition, a debate was held among JSS1 pupils with the subject matter “Government School is Better than Private School”. During the month, we also had 10 new staff report for duty, while 15 pupils were repeated. Some challenges we faced which we hope will be addressed by the time the 2018/2019 session commences are that classes are not enough for the pupils and quite a number of IDP pupils/students have problems with feeding.

EMCI Lassa’s First Primary Six Students Graduation



Placement/Relocation Program –

This month, EMCI’s placement program hosted an additional six schoolchildren (all girls), besides the three schoolgirls that reside with us in central Nigeria while they were on summer holidays. Hauwa and Mary were here from Adamawa, while Wadiam and Magdalene were home from St. Pirans Secondary School as well as Saratu Ujulu from Messiah College, Barkin Ladi. The house was full of activity and leadership was given to the older girls, Hauwa and Mary. While here, we all took a trip to the farm to assist in planting harvesting and planting some crops, including sweet potatoes, potatoes and cassava. Hauwa and Mary regularly accompanied Mum to the feeds shop, were they are learning fundamental business and entrepreneurial skills. In the last week of the month, several two of the boys who had gone to Lassa returned a few days to school resumption at Messiah College on August 25th. The girls who have been schooling in another central Nigerian city returned to our city following a trip to the Northeast to spend time with their families. Hauwa and Mary returned to Adamawa on August 31st. Nubwa (our last daughter) visited from the United States and spent time mentoring and coaching the girls on home economics.

EMCI School: Yola

In the month under review, the 2017/2018 session was successfully concluded. Through the assistance of the Board of Trustees, the graduation ceremony was also conducted; graduates were able to use gowns rented for the occasion and entertainments for both the graduates and pupils to compliment the occasion was done peacefully. The school also has formally received the uniforms for the pupils and students of the institution. EMCI Lassa vacated for third term break on July 31st and will begin first term 2018/2019 academic session on September 17th, 2018.

At the end of the academic session, the following are requirements we would like to have for the next year.

  • Updating school library
  • Construction of the school science laboratory
  • Fencing of the school premises
  • Provision of power supply
  • As the first term will soon begin, we need registers
  • Repairs of broken desks
  • Remounting of school tents blown by rainstorm
  • Staff ID cards

EMCI School: Lassa

This month, students at EMCI School Lassa went on holiday from August 1st to September 10th, 2018 for their summer vacation. Primary school certificates were issued to outgoing Primary Six students on August 20th. We also planted 15 trees at the permanent site of EMC Lassa. And finally, 43 pupils were qualified to go on to JSS1, at the start of the next academic session.

The following requirements will need to be addressed as soon as possible:

  1. 15 attendance registers for next academic session are needed
  2. 23 lesson plan notebooks
  3. One packet of blue biro’s and one packet of red biro’s.
  4. There will not be enough classes for both primary and secondary for next academic session.



Placement/Relocation Program –

Last month, Nubwa (our last daughter) came home from the United States and on the 3rd of this month she returned to complete her studies. While here, she continued to coach the girls who were still home from their summer holidays in home economics. After she departed, the placement children at St. Luke’s College and St. Piran’s High School also returned to school for the start of the 2018/2019 academic sessions. Jumai, Wadiam, Sarah, Marvelous and Happy resumed at St. Luke’s on September 8th.  Magdalene and Wadiam, the two Senior Secondary School girls at St. Pirans also returned to school on September 15th for their third year there. The two girls are acclimating well as is evident in their conduct and behavior around the house; one takes more initiative where she used to be more timid and reserved, and the other girl is a constant joy to have as her mere presence lightens up the mood of everyone. Hannatu, Helen, and Grace, the three day-school students who had spent the year and a half at Favored Sisters Christian School changed schools so that they could be closer to the house. They now attend Missionary Action Model School located within a walking distance from the home and the girls are liking the new school. Helen and Hannatu are now in JSS1 (Equivalent of 7th grade) while Grace is in Primary 4. When these girls first came in 2015, they were reading at Nursery levels!

EMCI School: Yola

Following summer holidays, the 2018/2019 academic session commenced on the September 17th, 2018 without any problems. Several physical updates have taken place. The science lab has successfully been installed as well as refurbishing, painting and wiring of classrooms, and finally, students received their new uniforms.

Meanwhile, Adamawa State Ministry of Women Affairs are currently capturing the bio-data of less-privileged pupils and students. We had a PTA meeting on September 24th, during which parents expressed their appreciation to the school and board for working to improve the lives of their wards.

At the start of the new academic session, we have the following challenges.

A water tank is need to supply water to the classrooms, especially the new laboratory. Reconstruction of the library and provision of portable generator as a source of power supply for both the computers and the laboratory. Repairs of the twelve (12) classroom tents destroyed by rainstorm to access full school day for both the primary and secondary sections, who now break and operate at morning and afternoon sessions. Enrollment forms for proper registration and identification is paramount. Staff and student identity card and badge for security and quick identification.

EMCI School: Lassa

EMCI School Lassa resumed on September 11th, 2018 for the 2017/2018 academic session. 352 pupils reported for primary school and 65 in JSS1 and JSS2; all teachers reported for duty on resumption date. However the total number of students rose to 653 by end of the second week. The Junior Secondary School has formally moved to the permanent site. Finally, an additional 20 trees were planted at the permanent site; 10 orange trees and 10 mango trees.


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