EMCI Fourth Quarter 2018 Newsletter


Placement/Relocation Program –

We continue to monitor the academic progress and spend quality time with the placement children. On October 6th, students at St. Luke’s had their visiting day where the girls that live at home with EMCI interacted with the boarding students at their school. The teachers had no negative remarks about the school-children there. However, we did have a medical situation with one of the girls there, Happy. She had a surgery to remove her appendix on October 4th at a hospital and she was successfully discharged on October 7th. Towards the end of the month, students in the various schools returned home for their midterm break, ending the first term of the academic school year.

EMCI School: Yola

The month of October 2018 experienced basic commitment to work  as effective change is taking place. The First continuous assessment (C/A) 2018/2019 session has been completed which guarantees the continuation into the 2nd term, come November 2018. Teacher and student morale are high; the distribution of school uniforms was a welcomed event; the host community was impressed with the development. Computer training for teachers to facilitate capturing students’ biometric data commenced. At the moment, Secondary School has 149 students and 424 pupils are enrolled into the Primary School. Formal registration for WAEC 2018/2019 has also commenced. Registration of SSSII students data captured also took place as a new curriculum from WEAC board has commenced to enable them register for 2019/2020 SSCE exams. The first term has recorded a significant development both from the teachers and students of EMCI. This is confirmed by the fact that every meaningful parent has appreciated the dynamic leadership and involvement of the board to carry every IDP on board for student progress pertaining education.

From the 28th to the 30th of October, founders Paul and Rebecca traveled to Yola to meet with the Victim’s Support Fund as well as parents of the Chibok schoolgirls and one other organization, Murtala Mohammed Foundation (MMF). The Chairman of the sub-committee on Chibok girls stated two purposes for calling the meeting: 1. To acquaint themselves with the parents of the girls and 2. To inform the parents of VSF’s involvement in the sponsorship of their daughters. The trip and interactive sessions were successful as the objectives set out were achieved.


  • Due to the nature of the pupil’s desk, when the students push them, they are easily broken.
  • The re-mounting of the 12 class room tents is still unaddressed.
  • The uplifting of water tanks to meet the needs of the student body is also a great concern. Also, in the same vein, power supply for our generation and to the laboratory to facilitate the laboratory is needed.
  • Our perimeter wall is a major concern because of trespassers also constitute a major challenge to secure the safety.
  • The school library needs current books for students to read and would also enhance assignments for faster learning.
  • Mobile email for reporting of school activities and messages as most of the times café couture fail in the reporting progresses to same time and faintness.
  • Staff identify card for security purpose is also needed.

Learning Center: Lassa 

Following a successful resumption and commencement of the 2018/2019 academic year, students went on midterm break from October 23rd to 29th. The present total number of pupils in primary school is 545 while the students in JSSs and JSS2 number 75. We listed the best pupils for each class and they are happy with their progress.


There is no toilet for students and teachers at the permanents site.



Placement/Relocation Program –

As we are approaching the end of the calendar year, the placement children continue to grow in their respective academic classes. The schoolchildren at Messiah college resumed the 2nd term on November 3rd while the two girls at St. Piran’s High School started theirs on November 6th. Two days later, on November 8th, along with some board members of EMCI, we hosted Jay Wittmeyer and Church of the Brethren (COB) Missions Members to a dinner at our residence. They were able to interact with the four placement girls living with us. We also have Blessing Bello around this month; she was orphaned by Boko Haram when they attacked EYN (COB in Nigeria) headquarters in 2014. She is currently a student at Federal Polytechnic, Mubi, where she is doing a diploma in computer science. While her school is on recess, she is being tutored in English at EYN  Computer Center by Judy Stout, a COB Missions member. We continue to monitor her academic progress.  On November 23rd, we embarked on an outreach trip to one of the IDP camps in central Nigeria. At the end of the month, from November.

EMCI School: Yola

November 2018 witnessed the smooth running of the academic activities at EMCI, Yola. Another set of 60 uniforms was delivered on November 13th. During the month,  Victims Support Fund (VSF) came and captured bio-metric data of the unaccompanied children and separated children/orphans. UNICEF visited the school to intervene on how they could help move institution forward. The classroom tents that were blown down by the rainstorm were re-erected by staff and students, while in the same month under review, ten emergency toilets (pits) were dug. Furthermore, a staff meeting was held in the month and developmental issues were discussed successfully for the enhancement of the school.  The exam timetable was prepared for the term examinations which start on the 3rd of December 2018 and will end on 7th December 2018. Finally, the term will vacate for Christmas holiday on the December 14th, while the second term is scheduled to commence on January 14th, 2019.


  • More repairs of the classroom tents to accommodate both primary and secondary at the same time.
  • More repairs of broken desks since a large number of the desks are broken.
  • Fencing of the school compound as a security measure.
  • Additional school uniforms are needed.
  • Furnishing of principal and headmasters office.
  • Mobile phone or laptop for emailing reports.

EMCI School: Lassa

The month of November had brought a number of visitors to EMCI Lassa. A team from V.S.F. visited EMCI Lassa for verification of students and pupils who are living with their relatives on the 13th of November. Church of the Brethren Missions Team Members from the U.S.A. also visited EMC Lassa on 13th of November. As the year comes to an end, students and pupils have started end of 1st term examinations; these commenced on November 2nd 2018. Founders of E.M.C. Lassa Mr. and Mrs. Paul Mele Gadzama visited EMCI Lassa on November 26th 2018. As of the end of the month, the student population stands at 725.


Placement/Relocation Program –

This month, our founders traveled to Abuja to meet with Chika, a journalist who has been working on a story about the work of NGO’s in relation to IDP’s in Nigeria. As the year came to a close, students placed in the different schools returned home to the residence in central Nigeria for the Christmas holidays. St. Luke’s Secondary and Missionary Action Team Model (MATM)  schoolchildren vacated on December 7th. Hannatu, one of the day students at MATM School came 2nd in her JSS1 (equivalent of 6th/7th grade) class. Three years ago, she was reading at Primary 1 (Grade 1) levels at age 11. The remaining students at St. Pirans High School closed a week later. We made arrangements for the majority of the children to travel and spend the holidays with their families at home in the northeast.

Over the course of the year, one of the daughters of EMCI founders has been gathering items to donate from the hospital where she works at as a nurse in Missouri. This month, she came with two large duffel-bags full with socks, reusable baby diapers, readable menstrual pads, baby blankets, children’s gloves, women’s clothes, children’s clothes and women’s purses. On 26th December, we took them to Zawan (Angul D) IDP camp, Jos Plateau State. The camp hosts people from 18 different villages that had been attacked by Fulani terrorist/milita groups. In her words “It was a privilege to help”.

EMCI School: Yola

The month under review has come to compliment the first term with successful developments and smooth running of the school activities both academically and outdoors in terms of examinations and cleaning of the school environment. This December, we repaired 6 classroom tents through assistance from UNICEF in collaboration with the ministry of women affairs Adamawa State. We also received and additional thirty (30) desks in progress for the students. As of closing date December 14th, 2018 there are 612 students at the school; 2nd term will begin on January 14th, 2019. Finally, just after four days of closure, the staffs have set out a task-force to clear the standing bush in front of the school premises by the cold-tar road.


  1. The school library needs to be updated
  2. Lack of power supply for the computers
  3. Additional school uniforms and badges are needed
  4. Uplifting of water borehole taps
  5. Repairs of the 6 remaining classroom tents and broken desks
  6. Provision of staff room, principal and headmaster’s office
  7. Teaching materials
  8. Building materials
  9. Building capacity
  10. Staff identity card.

Learning Center: Lassa

In the month of December, students and pupils went on holidays on 7th December and will resume on January 8th, 2018. On 24th December, Dr. Yakubu Mele and Engr. Musa Mele visited EMCI Lassa. Dr. Yakubu donated two computers, football jerseys, football boots, and 60 pairs of shoes to the school. A novelty football match was played between EMCI Lassa primary school and EMCI Lassa secondary school. Finally, the students and teacher’s toilets have been constructed at the permanent site.


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