EMCI Second Quarter 2018 Newsletter

APRIL 2018

Placement/Relocation Program

During the month of April, the placement schoolchildren from four different schools came home for their Easter and end of 2nd term breaks; they spent 3 weeks on leave. During this time, we took them to participate in Deliverance Week which was organized by The Mountain of Fire and Ministries Church, from April 8th to 15th. Aspects of their spiritual lives that were focused on included prayer, faith in God, obedience, benevolence, studying the word of God, language, and issues pertaining pride.

Two of the girls in Junior Secondary School stayed behind to prepare for their Junior WAEC exams.

The overall atmosphere around the home is upbeat; the schoolchildren are learning well in school; some, faster than others. An older student has been described by one of her teachers as a patient learner because she constantly seeks out help from her younger classmates on topics that she does not understand. We bless God. Following their break, the students returned to school for the start of the third term.

EMCI School: Yola

The school went on the second term break. Unfortunately, the rains arrived and left behind some damage as the tents which had been used as makeshift classrooms were blown over. The rainstorms tore down the curtains and broke the twelve classrooms tents apart thereby making the students to receive their lessons under shade, which makes learning un-conducive. To accommodate both the primary and secondary pupils, we are making use of the uncompleted new 6-block classrooms; the primary school pupils are receiving classes in the morning while the secondary school pupils are receiving classes in the afternoon.

During the break, we conducted a primary and Secondary School Teacher’s Seminar/Workshop on Teaching Skills which was organized by the EMCI.

AIM: The aim of the seminar is to conceptualize strategic management, Identify principles and Skills needed to discipline learners, Evolve strategies to tackle indiscipline, Identify features of a disciplined school as well as Develop school improvement plan (SIP).

The resource persons spoke on Strategic management, Effective use of instructional materials in the classroom, Scheme of work.

Motivation, motivating style, teaching skill in the classroom, instructional leadership skills, Relevance of continuous assessment and Record keeping in school system, Education Security, and Dressing Code.


  • Motivation and types of motivation which includes;
  • Collective motivation (Team)
  • Success motivation
  • Forced motivation
  • Internal motivation
  • External motivation and
  • Instinctive motivation.
  • Teaching skill, motivating Style etc


All teachers in EMCI were present both the primary and the secondary section respectively;


The participation of the teachers were moderate, there was good response from the entire participants.


During the seminar, the teachers were trained on the conduct and attitude, as well as dedication to work.


The roundup of the seminar was on dressing code and personal hygiene.


At the end of the seminar the teachers were assessed so as to ensure adequate participation. And it was observed that they all had a good response towards the seminar and have determined to put more effort so as to be able to discharge their duty diligently.

Training Session security consciousness with the Divisional Police Officer (DPO), Sangere making a presentation to teachers of EMCI School Yola

EMCI School: Lassa

Throughout April, teachers and pupils were in holidays. The winds from the early rains brought down ten of the classroom tents. The situation has since been reported to the relevant authorities and we await their response on repair work.

MAY 2018

Placement/Relocation Program

The placement students resumed school last month from their end of 2nd term and Easter break. Their academic progression is continuing. Paul & Rebecca traveled to the U.S. for the month of May where amongst several objectives, they met with the five girls in Community Colleges and Universities there. These interactions brought about several developments which will dictate the direction and pace of their futures.

In Nigeria, Helen, Hannatu, and Grace (the three day-school students) took turns being “head of house”, which includes managing the home and taking care of their sisters, under the supervision of Heriju. It was a welcomed development as this allowed Paul and Rebecca have a more fruitful, restful journey. The other students at St. Luke’s College came home for mid-term break for almost 2 weeks from late May to early June. The girls did a good job as there were little or no issues while the host sponsors were away.

EMCI School: Yola

In the month of May, old classroom structures were renovated as doors and windows were fitted accordingly. The proposed science laboratories were examined by Heriju and the lab equipment supplier. The school also received a free donation of a chalkboard from UNDP initiative program community. Classroom hours have returned to morning and afternoon sessions for both primary and secondary sections; that is from 8am-12noon for morning and 12noon to 4pm respectively due to the felling of the twelve classroom tents previously donated by VSF. A written, comprehensive report to the relevant authorities on the rainstorm disaster done to the classroom tents has been sent.

In all, the school continues to move smoothly in its daily endeavors. The population of pupils remains 595 as of May 2018

EMCI School: Lassa

Routine academic activities continued this month after the pupils returned from their end of term/Easter break in April. Lessons resumed on May 2nd 2018; all teachers reported to school on the date of resumption. 3,105 pupils reported to school.  On May 31, 2018 the secretary of VSF visited EMCI School Lassa. They assessed the situation with the 10 tents that were felled by the rains in April, and we are awaiting feedback from them.

JUNE 2018

Placement/Relocation Program

Following Paul & Rebecca’s return from their month-long trip to the US in May, home economics continues to be part and parcel of the placement children’s learning process. In light of this, we have continued to rotate the “head of house” principle, with each of the three day-commute students taking turns at being accountable for affairs within the household. There was a period of one week when two of the older girls, Wadi and Magdalene had their mid-term break, and they coordinated the home affairs.

In the last week of June, there was a security situation in central Nigeria environs. As a result, the four schoolchildren attending Messiah College (located at the outskirts of the city) were allowed to go on an early break, with their return pending when normalcy is reestablished. We continue to monitor the situation and are on standby to act as necessary depending on how things turn out.

EMCI School: Yola

In the month of June, 2018, we recorded the following achievements, developments, challenges and needs at the school. There was the successful conclusion of WAEC, NECO for SSIII students and JSSIII students for their JCE. The school mobilized “the task force committee on sanitation” by using liters of herbicides for the eradication of weeds at the campus. This exercise was done effectively. Generally, the environment is calm and smooth running of academics is ongoing.

Still in the month of June 2018, teachers and pupils were busy revising previous lessons for appropriation of tests, assignment and examinations as third term approaches to round up the 2017/2018 session before the long vacation. Also, preparation for the prize-giving day activities for graduation ceremony is all in the pipeline.

In the same month, reconstruction of the school library, power supply for the school computers and the borehole were done. In addition, we made student uniforms and staff identity card (ID card) as well as engaged in extracurricular activities like football and volleyball. Provision of history, encyclopedia, primary 1 – 6, agric. for primary 1- 6 textbooks are our immediate challenges in the school.

Finally, in late June Rebecca Gadzama visited EMCI School Yola along with an American reporter, Chika Oduah. Words of encouragement were shared by them to the staff, who also felt good that they had this opportunity to let their voices be heard. They brought with them an additional 350 Grow Right supplement drinks which the students enjoy very much. While in Adamawa state, Beckie visited Mighty and Naomi who are among the 2nd set of graduates from EMCI School Yola. They are currently students at Federal College of Education, Hong.

EMCI School: Lassa

Pupils/Students went on midterm break for the third session from 22nd June to July 2nd. There is great improvement in learning because about 85% of pupils/students passed their Continuous Assessment Test. There is now a population of 716 pupils and classroom space is no longer adequate. Beckie Gadzama visited the school, along with an American reporter.