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mission statement

Restoring foundations of quality Education to the deprived victims of discrimination and terror especially in the Northeastern Part of Nigeria





about us

who we are

We are a community of individuals with distinct backgrounds but ultimately drawn by a desire to spread the love of God through education.
The personnel of the initiative are made up of fulltime and volunteer staff who are specially trained to implement the specific strategies and programs of the EMC. Our organization’s existence is a response to the Boko Haram insurgency in northeastern Nigeria and the systematic deterioration of education in the region.
Through friends, both domestic and abroad, we strive to provide a brighter future for the victimized children... MORE


make a difference

    • 1.You can help sponsor several kids through home schooling for one academic year. The cost of sponsoring one child is: N150,000
    • 2.You can help fully sponsor one of the escaped Chibok girls or part sponsorship through High School in the US. The total cost for one girl is $40,000 for the duration of two years in High School.
    • 3.You can help in placement into selected secondary schools of several out of school children who are now scattered in IDP camps.

our goals

1. Reconnect these lost children to their families
2. Partner with local schools in cities to admit and reintegrate displaced school children. (We aim to have 3,000 students back in safe and sound schools by the end of 2015)

3. Take 30 secondary school age girls through an intensive 6-month home-schooling program in math and English, giving them the opportunity to pursue tertiary education.